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Get The Results You Deserve

We offer invigorating and individualized personal training programs, group instruction, and online coaching as well.

DTR Fitness prides itself on educating and fulfilling the results of all participants. It is our mission to change people's lives by making people stronger, faster, thus more capable than ever with creativity and unconventional functional movements.

Fun, motivating workouts including unconventional techniques, resistance training, core movement, cardio, and flexibility; a simple, effective and customized program that gets you to your fitness goals…faster!

What Clients Are Saying

Dr. To

Who says Medical Doctors can't get in great shape. In the first Year, Dr. Thomas To lost immense amounts of body fat and built a ton of muscle. When you set goals and stay persistent, you get to reap the rewards of consistency, mental focus, and true grit. Way to go Doc!

Results Happen Here

Susan Is Proof That Results Don't Happen Over Night!

In the first 6 months, Susan lost over 45 pounds of fat and over 32 inches in total circumference. When you set goals and don't stop working towards them, you get to reap the benefits of your discipline, work ethic, and mental toughness! Way to go Susan!

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