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DTR Fitness's unique fat loss program helps women develop strength, cardio and fat loss for immediate results


While most fit women and young adults will begin with other programs, the DTR Fitness model allows quick gains for even the most out of shape exercisers.


Women, to make sure you take full advantage, sign up for DTR Fat loss training! Why wait?


Look YOUNGER than Your Age
Have a LEAN, Attractive, Athletic-Looking Body
Feel Remarkable, Feel Energetic, Feel BEAUTIFUL
Have MORE liveliness and MORE Strength to
Get MORE Done in Your Life


Until now, the astonishing benefits of the DTR Fitness fat loss program have been unavailable to all but a few women. DTR Fitness mostly has been the sacred preserve of the male or female professional athlete, the military and other hardcore types. That's about to change, as fitness expert and fitness coach Dietrich Dejean, delivers the DTR Fitness Fat loss program for women.


It's almost unbelievable, but women really can have it all when they access the magical power of DTR Fitness. Dietrich's uncompromising workouts give across-the-board, simultaneous, spectacular and immediate results for all aspects of physical fitness: strength, speed, endurance, and fat burning. DTR Fitness can deliver any and everything a woman could want—if she wants to be in the best shape ever of her life.


No bulky, expensive machines, no complicated gizmos, and no time devouring trips to the gym.


Discover how to eliminate cellulite, firm your butt, give you the cardio-workout of a lifetime, and have the results you deserve.



This program is the ultimate solution for Moms.


The Swing—to fry your fat and slenderize hips 'n thighs


The Power Breathing Crunch—to shrink your waist


The Deck Squat—for strength and super-flexibility


An incredible exercise to tone your arms and shoulders


The Plank—for a magnificent upper body


The Overhead Squat—for explosive leg strength


The queen of sit-ups—for a flat, flat stomach





Combination exercises that pack an unbelievable muscular and cardio workout into zero time


Into sports? Jump higher. Leap further. Kick faster. Hit harder. Throw harder. Run with newfound speed. Swim with greater power. Endure longer.


Working hard? Handle stress with ridiculous ease. Blaze thru tasks in half the time. Radiate confidence. Obliterate your competitors with your energy and enthusiasm.


Time to relax? Finally have the extra energy you need to truly enjoy your downtime.









Personal Training and Weight loss for Women

For the Woman

Who Wants it All.

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