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DTR Fitness is an Exclusive Boutique Fitness Facility


Exercise is an important part in living a healthy lifestyle. As we age our metabolisms slow, and our muscle and bone density begin to decrease, and we often feel as if we never have enough energy for our everyday activities. While it is recommended that we exercise at least 30 minutes, three times per week, with all of the different programs out there it is easy to get lost. Just how do we exercise efficiently, and effectively?

Let DTR Fitness take the guess work out of your fitness routine. Our certified personal trainers will create a program made specifically for your individual needs. No fads, no gimmicks. You can expect to work one on one with a fitness professional who can teach you exactly what to do in order to help you reach your goals.

At DTR Fitness we offer exclusive one on one training sessions in a private gym setting. You can expect a specific trainer to work with you all the way through your program, from start to finish.

Get the results you want, for life!  


With our personal training services you can expect:



A certified strength coach or trainer individualizes every aspect of your program. Your trainer will adjusts your program to avoid plateaus, and to keep you motivated. They will provide guidance, and education on the components of fitness to ensure long-term success.



Your personal trainer will monitor on a weekly basis your fitness goals. This will help you be more accountable to yourself, and your fitness program. During your training program we will discuss your experiences with nutrition, motivation, exercising, and your personal stress issues. Your fitness assessment will be repeated throughout your training program in order to ensure that: Your body fat percentage decreases, flexibility increases, strength and endurance increases, and vitality increases.



Your trainer will provide corrections, and the solution for muscle imbalances.  In order to maximize your muscle growth and strength we will implement corrective exercises for functional allignment, which will improve posture, and increasing performace.  

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