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About Our Mission

Since 2006 DTR Fitness has been designing and implementing individualized fitness programs which have changed clients lives! Focused for all ages, DTR is specifically designed to achieve the best results, knowledge of fitness, institute a lifestyle change, and make the participant be faster, stronger and thus more capable than ever through utilizing fun, safe, and creative, functional movements.

Personal training is not just for elite athletes and movie stars. DTR Fitness targets families, ordinary households, youth, novice athletes, and elders. Elite movie stars and athletes are less than 1% of the population! The DTR Program is designed to help those who fit the 99% category. Most people who are on this planet are not in shape, and in reality, the program helps those institute a structured lifestyle change for long term compliance, enabling participants to become better than they ever anticipated

Personal training can help everyday people be healthier, happier, and physically better than ever before. A proper regimen of training, nutrition, and flexibility that is specific to one’s body type, goals, and implements proper coaching is essential to success. Resistance training and aerobics done correctly, and personalized to an individual’s needs is critical to achieving health, vitality, and wellness.


Honesty, integrity, knowledgeable, motivating, great communicator, friendly, positive, and supportive; These are the qualities DTR Fitness strives to emphasize in all that we do. 



DTR Fitness Mission:


DTR Fitness will continue to offer the most innovative, energetic and fun approach to fitness. It is our mission to deliver this innovation through the most knowledgeable fitness professionals within the most unique fitness services in the world. At DTR Fitness we will constantly strive to be on the cutting edge of health and fitness, setting trends and not merely following them.







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