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Meet Our Professional Staff

Dietrich Dejean- President & Founder, DTR Fitness, LLC

Doctors told me that I would never walk again after being involved in a serious motorcycle accident. In April 2000, I was riding my motorcycle on my way to work in downtown Miami Beach and was hit by a semi-truck at an intersection. I didn't have enough reaction time and paid the price. The driver ran the light and I flipped numerous times and got airborne, landing directly on my hip and crushing my sacrum (hip was fractured in over 25 places). In the process of the collision, I also fractured my arm in 3 places and couldn't write for almost a year. I spent four intense months in the hospital, paralyzed from the waist down. The doctors weren't too promising, and I suffered plenty of nerve damage.  However, I didn't give up. With the aid of occupational and physical therapists, they worked extensively to increase the range of motion so I can get movement in my arms and legs. After a year of hard work, I was able to walk again. I started with a wheelchair, progressed to a walker, then a cane, and ultimately on my two feet.

This experience changed my life. I learned to take the little things into importance, and value life's smallest details. One cannot take anything for granted... I still have nerve damage, 23 plus years after the accident, but it's not something I dwell on. Instead, I look at the positive changes I've made. I received a second wind, and I praise God with more faith than ever. 

The accident motivated me to deal with situations in life. I take things more seriously and look at them with a more positive perspective. It fuels my education and made me more motivated than ever to help others compete at a higher level. 

As a competitive athlete, my experiences help challenge other athletes and clients to do the thing he or she would not imagine. I participate in natural bodybuilding competitions, Olympic lifting, and Power Lifting to prove to others that you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to. Additionally, my business experience has helped me in dealing with people, planning, structure, and organization. When you're 22 years old, it's always spur-of-the-moment decisions. Now I'm single-minded when it comes to serving clients at the gym.

My mission is to change people's lives and motivate them, build confidence, and achieve higher goals. It's very uplifting and gratifying to see people obtain a goal. I change people's lives every single day.



BSc. Health and Human Services, University of Phoenix

Studied Business Management & Mechanical Engineering at the University of Miami and Florida International University

NASM - Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

NASM - Sports Fitness Specialist

ACSM continuing education and seminars

Level II RKC (Certified Russian Kettlebell Challenge)

Conducted over 105,000 personal training sessions and 13,000 group class sessions since 1999

Over 26 years of experience

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Katy Dejean - Operations Mgr/CEO of Shoplavana.comte Title

Cooking has always been a passion of mine. From the time being a little girl, watching and learning from my mother, I was blessed and able to recreate meals from memory.


My appreciation for a healthier cooking style didn’t start for me until I reached a point in my life where my health and weight had become “out of control”. I had become very overweight, lacking energy, and unhappy. I tried every “fad diet” there was; none of them worked! That is when I realized I had to change my lifestyle. I really dug deep into the nutrition world and focused on the education process of leading a healthy lifestyle through healthier foods and fitness. This self-development, passion, and elevated awareness helped me lose over 95lbs (see picture)!


I began creating recipes that are healthy, taste delicious while leaving you feeling satisfied. I developed my own unique methods of cooking, using only the freshest, healthy, quality ingredients. Now I have evolved and pivoted creating my own formula and products for skincare. Our passion is to create the highest quality all natural products. Shop Lavana is a small batch company based in Reno, NV. We strive to enhance your daily life with our unique, and incredibly scented beauty products, anti aging facial oils and candles. We take pride in our vegan, cruelty-free, toxin, paraben & phthalate free handmade products. We hope you love our products as much as we loved creating them for you.


My businesses are tailored to individual needs, whether that be weight loss, maintaining weight, or to lead a healthier lifestyle. 


I love helping people, and that I am able to pass on the knowledge I have gained to allow people to live life being the healthiest version of themselves.




25 years of experience

Over 1100 satisfied and happy clients
















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