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As an avid hiker, I wanted to increase my strength and broaden my workouts.  Began working with DTR about 7 years ago and have to tell you how much the training has improved my balance and ability to “boulder” with confidence during my hiking adventures.  Recently experienced the five National parks in Southern Utah and able to conquer the toughest and most challenging hikes in these parks with confidence and ease.  Owe a lot to Dietrich Dejean in augmenting my training, building my muscle memory and increasing my balance coordination.


Denise L., age 60

*individual results may vary

"I have known DTR for the last 8 years.  I didn’t get to really know him until June of 2006 when I decided I was going to enter my first Figure show.  I had wanted to do a figure show for the last few years, but never really committed.  I had worked myself into a nice plump 20-year-old, due to not working out very hard and eating out at least 5 times a week.  I had hit a little bit of a slump.  I knew I wanted to compete, but I knew I could not do it by myself.  So I pulled Dietrich aside late one night in the gym and told him what I wanted to do and asked him about training.  We talked for close to an hour, and by the end I was so excited, I knew I would sigh up for training and compete in a figure show.  So the next day I called Dietrich on his cell phone and made an appointment.  I signed up for a very large amount training… I knew I was going to need it!  After signing up, we started training and the next four and a half months would be some of the hardest and best times of my life.  Dietrich not only knew a precise plan of attack for weight training, but he also helped me with my diet and eating habits, sleeping schedule, and supplements.  Not to mention, he always encouraged me when I was down, and never let me give up. 

           The training was more intense that anything else I’ve ever done.  I lifted weights and did exercises that I never thought I could do.  I was pushed to my maximum over and over again.  I did pull-ups with 25lbs added weight, pressed 45lb plates on each side of the flat bench, squatted 150% of my body weight, military pressed 53lb kettlebells, deadlifted 245lbs, gained 10 lbs of muscle in two months, got a 6-pack of abs and a whole lot of looks in the gym!! 

           Come show time Dietrich spent a lot of time fine tuning my physique and diet to perfection.  We worked so hard and had so much fun.  All of the hard work paid off on stage. I was in the final line up and placed 6th out of 18 girls in my 5’4” class; at 125lbs and 8% body fat.  It was a huge success and so much excitement.  I could not have looked better in 4.5 months time doing anything different.  I would do it all over again in a heartbeat."

Katie B.

*individual results may vary

My name is Michael & I hired Dietrich as a Personal Trainer for my wife (Robin) & I as a Christmas present; to jump start us on our road to being physically fit for a trip to Hawaii in June & for general all around fitness.


In just 12 sessions (3 times a week/4 weeks), I saw incredible progress due to Dietrich's personalized program & motivation for me.  The routine was never boring & it was always something I could do (if I stretched myself beyond the effort I would normally exert on my own.)  Dietrich has many, many routines to address any issue you may have with any particular exercise or movement.  It was always fun, Dietrich likes to cut up a little, if you're in the mood.


Dietrich has a great depth of knowledge & insight about all aspects of "fitness."  He has the personal accomplishments, "the walk" to back up "his talk."  Ask him to tell you his motorcycle story (it is incredible.) 


After the first week, he springs the food journal on you, but it is an essential tool for accomplishing your goals & seeing just how 'piggy' we all have become accustomed to; so don't let that scare you off.


I have & will continue to recommend Dietrich for the fitness needs of my friends, family & acquaintances.  We are fortunate to have someone of Dietrich's caliber here in Reno!








*individual results may vary

​"I've been training with Dietrich for over a year and even at the age of 60 I am amazed at the changes in my physique.  I have always worked out and considered myself to be in pretty good condition but I have improved drastically in this past year.  My original intention was to purchase a 10 pack of training sessions to learn proper form and technique then continue on as before, working out alone.  I now realize I would never push myself like Dietrich does and it has kept me training with him.  I have a partner, Renee, who works out with me and Dietrich. In addition it has actually been fun getting into better shape."

Pam B.M.  Reno

*individual results may vary

"The conflict between work and maintaining personal fitness is difficult. On one hand, keeping the body in shape reduces the stress created by the problems encountered at work. And on the other hand, the stress of work creates the demand to relieve tension through physical exercise. To maintain the right balance between work and personal fitness has always been a personal challenge for me. I am a trial lawyer and the demands of my job frequently interfere with keeping my body in shape. Two years ago I was fortunate enough to find Dietrich. He is my personal trainer and has helped me to maintain the right balance between work and personal fitness through a comprehensive program of nutrition and exercise. Today, I can do much more than I could have done two years ago. My endurance and strength has increased due to his careful supervision. My ability to handle the challenges of maintaining a busy law practice has improved substantially. But equally important, I have learned the importance of a good personal trainer. Dietrich provides specific goals in my exercise program and teaches the fundamentals necessary to achieve physical fitness. He knows when to provide encouragement and when to challenge you to perform. But he also has the right personality and a sense of humor to keep it fun.The result has been a life change for me!"


Charles S.


*individual results may vary

​"Dietrich has made all the differences in helping me achieve and exceed my training goals. In the last two years, Dietrich's commitment to me as a client has resulted in tremendous gains in strength, the elimination of shoulder and knee joint pain, a 45% reduction in body fat, and cardio conditioning of someone half my age.

His willingness to listen and his ability to incorporate different training techniques is a very rare and valuable commodity in the fitness business. Dietrich's individual commitment to his clients is obvious, as is his enthusiasm in helping them attain their goals. His positive, upbeat attitude makes all the difference when pushing on to another goal, another level of fitness. I've never had a bad or a flat session with Dietrich; I wonder how many other trainers can have the same said about them.

If you want solid, measurable results, from a real professional, train with Dietrich Dejean."

Mark D. T.

*individual results may vary

“To be your best! This has become my daily challenge throughout all of life.  Many people don’t understand this; instead, they aspire to be the best and fail.  Dietrich understands this concept very well and helps you reach such a goal everyday- to be your best.

He teaches you how to get your body to excel.   To think what was to be the best you could do, simply to realize it was the least you could do, and then to surpass that performance.  To give your body the best effort is all he posed; however, you might be surprised how far that will submit you, much like it did for me.  Dietrich is constantly going to seminars and presenting workshops; which in return, give him more techniques and ideas that make a direct impact.  Not on just the way a workout is compiled, but also in breaking the barrier of boredom.

           Despite what your knowledge is about training, know that he will ask your body and soul to do things with your best effort, in and out of the gym.  It was to my advantage to use Dietrich as a source to be motivated, pushed, educated, and gratified to succeed in my goals; don’t you think it’s time to enforce yours?” 

Alonna C.

*individual results may vary



If you had told me three years ago I would have visible abs at the age of 48, I would have asked for your hallucinogens. However, after three years with Dietrich, I shock even myself with the change in my physique. I’m stronger, leaner and have stamina and endurance abilities some 20-somethings don’t even have. I’m in the best shape of my life and I have Dietrich to thank for pushing me when I said, “I can’t.” Because now the only words I know are “I can.”

Sean Gamble


*individual results may vary




I have been training with Dietrich for the past year. I had the following goals: to lose weight, feel and look stronger and to lose inches. Today, a year later I have accomplished these goals. Dietrich is very motivating. At first I didn't have any idea how to reach my personal goal of getting into shape until I starting going to DTR Fitness. Dietrich has taught me not only how to work on my posture, stretching, nutrition, but he also has given me the tools to use in future workouts. I would highly recommend DTR Fitness to anyone.


Kathleen Graham

*individual results may vary



I’m writing to tell you THANK YOU for starting me on my fitness journey and for continuing to coach me through.  I started with you in May of 2015- it is now September and I’ve lost 30 lbs. and 21 inches at last count. Those are the results that can be seen.  What no one can see is how I feel.  My energy is up, I no longer avoid exercise, in fact I look for every opportunity to walk. The good news is my back no longer hurts when I walk. While I still avoid gyms, I will go into an exercise room in hotels while traveling.  In addition, I know have range of motion in my right shoulder that I have not had for at least 15 years.


Your encouragement and coaching is invaluable to me and I look forward to this continued journey!



Jessica L.

*individual results may vary






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